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Chaîne de tv: BBC Arabic
BBC Arabic
Pays:  Royaume-Uni
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BBC Arabic - description, examen, évaluation

BBC Arabic broadcasts programs and hourly news bulletins 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
BBC Arabic may refer to the Literary Arabic language radio station run by the BBC World Service, as well as the BBC's satellite TV channel, and the website that serves as an Literary Arabic language news portal and provides online access to both the TV and radio broadcasts.
BBC News Arabic is a network for transmitting news and information to the Arab world through several media, including the Internet, radio, television and mobile phones.
BBC News Arabic is the largest and oldest media service launched by the BBC in a language other than English, and it has continued its development since its launch on January 3, 1938 until it became one of the leading media stations in the world.
BBC News Arabic broadcasts unbiased and accurate news, information based on experience and in-depth analysis. BBC News Arabic places the interests and needs of listeners at the center of its concerns.
Independent opinion polls have proven that BBC News Arabic listeners consider it the most credible, fair and objective in the Arab world, in addition to its solid reputation for the quality of service provided. of trust.

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